Amazon fulfillment | FBA Prep Services

Below you will find the range of FBA prep, pack and ship services we provide to simplify your Amazon sales as we have the facilities to take on the hard work and you just focus on your sales on Amazon. We make sure that your products’ packaging meets the rules set by Amazon FBA requirement when your products get to their warehouses for distribution. 

Amazon FBA Inspection Service

We do the general inspection of boxes when you do carton forwarding with us and also the general product inspection when you choose our prep services for free

FNSKU labelling Service

basically we receive your products in bulk and since required by Amazon every item must have a unique FNSKU label to be identified in their warehouses. 

FBA Poly bagging Service

You must stick a suffocation label on each unit if you use a poly bag package.In this service suffocation label is included.

FBA Multipack / Bundling

Our facility will mix and match your items together into any configuration you’d like.We can also help you with shrink-packing, re-packing, adding insert, and much more.

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