Advanced Comfort Keypad Hand Controls for Electric Standing Desk

  • Soft-touch. Angled design improves keypad face viewing
  • One touch –  simple and fun just by press a button
  • Height restrictions, memory settings
  • Intuitive programming – set up to four height preferences in seconds.
  • Three colors to match your frame and accessories
  • Works with our Desk control boxes


Comfort Keypad Hand Controls

Product description

The Keypad Hand Controls is designed to make setting adjustments easier. The raised dividers between the buttons enable the user to change the setting on their keypad without looking; offering you a more convenient way to adjust your desk.The slanted angle of the design is easier to view from a sitting position

Product information

Dimensions5.7″ L x 1.2″ H x 0.6″ D
Housing material17 lbs
Keypad material5.5 lbs
Cable length77″
Warranty1 year




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