Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

  • Our 3-stage legs are 33% faster than competitor 2-stage legs, getting you to your sitting and standing heights quicker.
  • Powerful dual motors (one in each leg) can lift up to 355 lb And yes you can lay in the hammock and get lifted
  • High-grade Industrial Steel
  • With just the frame, you can use your own customized desk top
  • Memory pad that remembers up to two different height settings for easy adjustments


Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

Product description

This sturdy, steel standing desk frame enables you to supply your own desktop—you can use an old door or upcycle the top from your current desk.The come with increased stability, safety, and durability.

Product information

Segment3 segments with 2 motors
Load Capacity(N)1500
Assembled Length27.5 inches
Surface treatmentPower Painted Steel Tube
Max. Speed(mm/s)1000
Min/Max Height(mm)620-1250
Duty Cycle10% max 2 min, continuous use
Color OptionWhite,Black,Grey


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