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2024 Professional Electric Shaver for Men Razor for Men Mower Beard Trimmer Barber Shaving Machine T9 Hair Clipper Dropshipping

2024 Professional Electric Shaver for Men Razor for Men Mower Beard Trimmer Barber Shaving Machine T9 Hair Clipper Dropshipping

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Brand Name: oumonoka


Power Type: Rechargeable

Gender: Male

Origin: Mainland China

Number of nozzles: 1 - 2 pcs

Voltage: Global Universal(100-240V)

Charging Time: 2H

Function: Wet shave

Function: Dry shaving

Function: Washing knives under water

Function: fast charging

Function: Charging indication

Washing Mode: Whole body washing

Item Type: Electric Shaver

Razor type: Rotary

Model Number: Razor for Men

Feature: Single Blade

With trimming device: No

Usage Time: 80Mins

Certification: CE

Time to market: 2020

Size: Electric Shaver


Nozzle type: Other

Material: Hair Clipper


Featured 1: Barber Hair Clipper

Featured 2: Mower Razor for Men

Featured 3: Electric Shaver

Featured 4: Trimmer for Men

Featured 5: Electric Shaver for Men

Featured 6: Shaving Machine

Featured 7: Beard Trimmer

Featured 8: Machine for Shaving

Choice: yes


⚠ We purchase logistics insurance for every order. We promise to deliver the products within the logistics protection period. Otherwise, we will pay for your product in full.

We solemnly promise that we guarantee your freedom of trading and the safety of your funds.


⚠The packaging and accessories of the product are displayed in the SKU. Please check the accessories of the product when placing an order.

Please be aware that there is a certain degree of uncertainty in international shipping, and there may be some minor damage to the product's packaging box. We think this is normal if it does not affect the quality of the product.


⚠ T9 Hair Cutting Machine Mower Professional Hair Clipper Barber Trimmer for Men Shaving Electric Shaver Hair Cutter Beard Clipper

🔲 Special recommendation (1): Heavy Metal large capacity large power IPX4 waterproof professional hair clipper, representing the highest level of current hair clipper manufacturing, is your best choice.

You can use it when you wash away in the bathroom, which is more convenient and simple.

⚠ The Six core designs greatly improve customer experience and create core value for customers!

ⓐ IPX4 waterproof grade, is currently one of the high-quality hair clippers that can be washed all over by AliExpress. It can be used when you take a bath, which is more convenient and more user-friendly.

It can be used in the bathroom, and it is more convenient to operate in different environments.

ⓑLCD intelligent display technology makes your operation more intelligent and convenient.

You can pre-charge the battery when the power is less than 20%, which can not only improve the service life of the product, but also avoid unnecessary waiting time for charging.

ⓒ The large capacity Large power greatly increases the working time of the product and saves a lot of waiting time for charging, thereby improving your work efficiency.

It can be used for up to 300 minutes, which is more than three times the use time of ordinary hair clippers.

ⓓTYPE C USB smart charging, you can use computers, sockets and mobile power to charge at any time and anywhere, which is very convenient.

The Type C charging interface is non-directional, which greatly improves the convenience of product charging.

ⓔ All-metal antique-style design, high-strength mechanical strength and hardness, greatly improve the service life and texture of the product.

Our cutter head is made of high-hardness titanium alloy, which not only has high mechanical strength, but also has a very large shearing force, making it sharper when used.

ⓕ Powerful industrial design, advanced Surface etching and electrode oxidation technology make the product more reliable and usable. We have also adopted very textured engraving patterns to make the appearance of the product more beautiful. A more artistic atmosphere for you.

Every design detail is to improve customer experience.

🔲 Special Recommendation (2): Chinese Kung Fu high hardness cutter head DC high-speed motor USB direct charging professional T9 hair clipper

Product recommendation reason: The most affordable product line with all the main functions of the hair clipper/shaver

⚠ The latest five core technology upgrades in 2024 will bring you the highest quality and most affordable products, and we have been creating value for you!

⓵ Through the 120-hour heat treatment and extraction technology, we can effectively improve the mechanical strength and metal toughness of the cutter head, thereby greatly improving the cutting strength and service life of the cutter head.

The mechanical strength and metal toughness of the cutter head are the two main parameters for evaluating the sharpness of the cutter head.

⓶ USB power cord direct charging is more convenient for home use. You can use charging devices such as computers, power banks, and USB charging sockets to conveniently charge the product anytime, anywhere.

Ease of use is a core factor in our assessment of customer experience.

⓷ Flat industrial design, one-button simple operation, suitable for home and travel haircut/shaving, is a must-have tool for every man in family life.

One-button operation, one-button charging, replaceable, washable and reusable cutter head

⓸ 3D three-dimensional pattern engraving technology is an effective example of the combination of technology and art, presenting a shocking visual experience for you.

Engraving 3D patterns on metal is a very difficult thing, but luckily, the technology is now very mature.

⓹ It is simple, lightweight, but has a powerful motor with a rotation speed of 6000rpm. It is one of the most cost-effective products currently.

We do not pursue the cheapest price, but we pursue the highest cost performance. This is our consistent service purpose and the law by which we live.


1. What kind of express delivery do you send?
We will choose different couriers according to your time requirements. Of course, different time and speed are related to the cost. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your choice of courier when placing an order.

2. When are you shipping?
Our Brand Oumonoka has a stocking period, and this stocking period will have a certain time. When we ship, we will send you a text message at AliExpress. So please pay attention to your SMS in the AliExpress background. If you have any questions, please contact us.

3. What should I do if I want to return?
If you need to return the product due to the quality of the product or other problems, please contact us in the AliExpress background. We will confirm your situation and give you different treatment options depending on the situation. Please rest assured that we will handle any of your problems responsibly.

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