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Before start using our service, please fill the following form, to tell us what products you want to import from China. Once we get the detailed information for the sourcing request, your assigned customer representative will contact you shortly. He/she will support you from sourcing to shipping. If need other help, please email to

We Help You Import from China in 4 Steps

Step 1

Submit your inquiry by telling us what you need. Customer support will email you in few hours, assigning you a representive to start sourcing products in China.

Step 2

Your representive will send you product quotes in less than 2 working days. Then you can order product samples to confirm quality. You can do Sample customization as well.

Step 3

Confirm with your representive for all product details before bulk order. Your representive coordinate with factories, follow up production, ensure products correctly.

Step 4

Your representive will help you collect goods in our warehouse, inspect quality, and arrange courier/sea/air shipping to any address you supply.Finally,We will track the goods till to your hand.

China Sourcing & Manufacturing Services FAQ’s

During any sourcing project, our goal is to provide our clients with what we believe to be the best options available. During some sourcing requests, this could be a single product from a single supplier we have total confidence in. In other circumstances, this may mean a multitude of product and supplier options.

Not all factories are ideal for all projects. For clients requiring CSR audited factories, we will be sure to only present offers from suppliers that have up to date audit reports. When CSR audits are not required, we will still only work with suppliers that we know, trust, and can stand behind.

Performance based sourcing means Cinosourcing factors in all possible costs based on the product and specifications quoted. All quotations include manufacturing costs, quality control, as well as logistics. Each quotation will define the individual projects payment terms.

Easy. Meet us online, try us and start with a small order. You need to trust yourself as well.

Our international logistics expert served for both the Amazon sellers from China and overseas. We know what are the best shipping solutions and familiar with the policies.We offer complete service for Amazon Sellers, including customized packaging, Amazon label, FBA Shipping, etc.

Cinosourcing can assist with the determination of necessary compliance requirements, however we are unable to guarantee our suggestions are 100% accurate. We encourage all importers to research these details as well prior to sourcing and manufacturing their products.

Goods being imported into the United States requiring a formal entry, require the buyer to obtain an entry bond. Guided Imports can assist in the procurement of this bond.

We accept bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram. 30% advance payment and balance before shipment.

It is not always necessary to send your samples to China.  It’s better to give us sample diagram by CAD or 3D ,Also give clearly details ,such as size,photos..etc.We will help you to source soonest once get your samples details.

When we act as the shipper, we are able to assist with customs clearance. The only time we would not assist with customs clearance is in the event the client would like their broker to arrange clearance.

Yes, however our quotations have an expiration date, so please be sure to take the date stated on the quotation into account as rates can change based on season. It is also important for us to note that all quotations are subject to change upon final measurement.

If you would like to obtain a shipping quotation, please contact our manager Shipping Quotation Request now

Non-Citizen’s importing to the following countries, please be advised:
For United States imports, we can assist our clients by arranging a license for them to use.
For United Kingdom imports, we need the clients to obtain EORI and VAT (applicable to all shipping methods except Air Express)
Other countries: Please contact us first for feasibility.

Here are some additional charges you can expect to see that would fall outside of our shipping quotations.

  • Duties and Taxes (plus GST for other destinations such as Canada.)
  • Additional customs exams (CET Exam, X-ray, etc.)
  • Warehouse charges (for delayed payments)
  • Re-reouting charges, relabelling charges, if needed